How To Reach Indirapuram Habitat Center From Vaishali Metro station.

  • Indirapuram Habitat center is located in Ahinsa Khand of Indirapuram The nearest metro station from Indirapuram Habitat Center is Vaishali metro station Distance between Vaishali metro station and Indirapuram Habitat Center is 13 km or 8.1 miles. Vaishali metro station is just over 15 minutes from Indirapuram habitat center but the route may change accordingly to traffic conditions. These are the following ways to reach Indirapuram Habitat Center from Vaishali metro station.

  • Taxi charges from Vaishali metro station to Indirapuram habitat center can range from INR100 to INR180. Taxi charges may vary for different Taxi types and the operator. For example AC, and non-AC. By auto-rickshaw, charges are INR 100 from Vaishali metro to Indirapuram habitat center If you are going to visit Indirapuram habitat center from Vaishali metro station So we should use auto because it is a convenient way to go to our destination.
  • By Bike, the charges are approximately INR 80 depending on the operator if you are single indeed use the bike to visit the Indirapuram habitat center. Habitat Center Indirapuram is also at a distance of 8kms or 5 miles from Ghaziabad railway station. We have seen an increase in the number of visitors to the habitat center. This place is clean and hygienic there are no issues with parking, and sufficient parking space is available for any vehicles. Indirapuram habitat center is a good choice to visit from the Vaishali metro station. If you know any other convenient way to reach the Indirapuram habitat center to the Vaishali metro station then write in the comment box.

Indirapuram habitat center is a prominent place for shopping, entertainment, food, gym, and street shopping Indirapuram habitat center has a large no of branded shops brands including PUMA, WOODLAND, NIKE, LEVI’s, LEE, etc.

Indirapuram habitat center
Indirapuram habitat center

Food Plaza at Indirapuram Habitat Center

Indirapuram habitat center is well known for the many food options available to people. We all love to have food in a place where we can enjoy the food in a great atmosphere. Indirapuram habitat center is the ideal place where people who want to spend their time with their family and friends. Indirapuram habitat center is having soothing and appealing ambiance if you want to enjoy your dinner Indirapuram habitat center is having open terrace restaurant as well. The food court has many food items available. The food is delicious and is available at a reasonable price.

Amenities in Indirapuram Habitat Center

Nowadays Gym is one of the best places to keep yourself fit and fine. It helps to maintain the physical health of an individual. A person can easily keep fit and fine by regular exercise at a gym. The Habitat Centre also provides a gym facility to people at a very affordable cost.

Indirapuram habitat center
Indirapuram habitat center
Indirapuram habitat center

Advertisement in Indirapuram Habitat Center

Indirapuram habitat center is having a big screen to play advertisements which attracts the attention of visitors that’s why Indirapuram habitat center is also a perfect place for advertisement

Indirapuram habitat center

Enjoy Street Shopping at Indirapuram Habitat Center

street shopping is a very exciting experience for all. Indirapuram habitat center provides many attractive street shops at the entrance gate of Indirapuram habitat center there are many street shops these shops display attractive gifts and decorative and clothing items that attract visitors. All items are available at a very reasonable price.

Enjoy Fun and Kids Zone In Indirapuram Habitat Center

Indirapuram habitat center is the best place to take your kids to have fun and spend quality time with them. You can participate and enjoy. Many kid’s activities are available at this center, which will be a great treat for all the kids. Children enjoy visiting the Indirapuram habitat center all kid’s activity is in open play help kids to be healthy studies show that playing helps kids to mental growth to learn Indirapuram habitat center is the perfect place for kids.

Indirapuram habitat center

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  1. Very helful information for reaching Indirapuram habitat centre , and very well described about the shops and stores . It is the best mall in indirapuram.

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